Friday, November 18, 2011

Blog Watch for the week of Nov. 14, 2011

In this weeks batch of blog nuggets is an article about Theatre Longevity, Audience Engagement, "I Am An Actor" by Nan Barnett, and an (wait this can't be right) an iPhone game???

The theatre blog over at The Guardian, based in the United Kingdom posted an article about theatre longevity among poverty as well as prosperity.
What's the secret of eternal life for a theatre company?

Why do some arts organisations survive and thrive while others wither and die? What are the secrets of longevity and continued creativity? 
I very much doubt there's a one-size-fits-all check list, otherwise somebody would have published it by now and probably made milions. But I'd guess there are some qualities that play a major role..

The blog Butts in the Seats, the musings of a theatre manager on practical solutions for arts management, has an article about audience engagement.
Audience Engagement-Careful What You Wish For
One of the biggest topics of discussion these days is about engaging audiences. Often during these discussions, people talk about the way things used to be when audiences weren’t expected to sit passively in a dark theatre with the suggestion that maybe things need to move back in that direction.

Over at 2AMt: Thinking Outside The Black Box is an article from South Florida's own Nan Barnett titled I Am An Actor.
I haven’t been an actor in a long time.  I had spent most of nearly three decades (I was a very, very young child actor…) working on one show or another before finding myself torn between those age-old female choices of nurturing myself or nurturing my offspring. Luckily, my first-born was a theatre...

And just for fun, over at Lois Backstage: A Look at Life Behind the Scenes, I found this post about an iPhone theatre game.
The Show Must Go On – iPhone Game Review
I’m not an iPhone game reviewer, but when I read the article in The Guardian last week saying that the Royal Opera House had launched an iPhone game, I was intrigued. Then I read a bit further and found out that in the game, you are playing a stage manager. That sealed the deal...


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