Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blog Watch for the week of Nov. 21, 2011

In this weeks batch of blog nuggets is an article about Theatre Being a Matter of Taste, The Best Form of Theatre, and two posts about giving thanks...

The theatre blog over at The Guardian, based in the United Kingdom posted an article about if a critic gave a rave review to something generally regarded as awful, would you stop taking them seriously
Is Great Theatre a Matter of Taste

A few months ago I went to the theatre with a friend I haven't seen much since college and we talked of many of the matters that used to concern us then: boys, writing, art … Occasionally we even went to see dance. But on this occasion I confessed, with slight unease and considerable relief, that I'd mostly given up on having good taste.

Also from the theatre blog over at The Guardian comes the post about how the power of a well-spun tale never fades.
Is Storytelling the Best Form of Theatre
Last week I listened as Inua Ellams stood on a bare stage and read a fragment from his newest piece. The story was bumpy and chaotic, a ride in the dark down an unsurfaced road, jolting through countries, skipping over years and then lurching back again. Two boys on a wild journey, with death and politics in the shadows. It was only half an hour long but it was one of the most captivating 30 minutes of theatre I've encountered for months.

The blog Butts in the Seats, the musings of a theatre manager on practical solutions for arts management, has posted a thanksgiving themed post.
My First Thanksgiving Post
-First, I have recently realized just how valuable being surrounded by the right group of people can be. Some recent additions to both my immediate circle of collaborators as well into a slightly different, but intersecting orbit has injected some new energy and zaniness that has both inspired and enabled some of my ambitions.

And last but not least, Unscripted - A Blog for Actors, gives us reasons for being thankful this Thanksgiving.
Giving Thanks
Today, I am thankful for the freedom we performers and artists in America experience.  This is all a matter of perspective, of course.  Things could be better here.  Things can always be better.  That's why we do what we do.  It's a strange time in the country.  It feels to me as if we're inching towards a confluence of 1984, Catch-22, and Brazil.  All excellent books and/or movies; not the greatest real-world scenario.  


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