Friday, December 2, 2011

Blog Watch for the week of Nov. 28, 2011

In this weeks batch of blog nuggets is an article about what theaters will look like in the future, what keeps people marching on through troubled times, and how to get a more engaged audience for a "Talk-Back" performance series by asking attendees to bring food. Maybe not as crazy as it sounds.

The theatre blog over at The Guardian, based in the United Kingdom, has posted an article about the need for arts venues to evolve, open up and incorporate other facilities: Curtain Raisers: Visions of a Future Theatre

What will the theatres of the future look like? Will purpose-built venues dedicated to one art form be obsolete? Will they be cross-purpose social spaces where art is just one of many things on offer? Will they be entirely interactive, offering experiences that continue beyond the theatre walls?

Gabriel Voss over at Unscripted - A Blog for Actors has writen a blog post about why he is still Marchin' On.
Leave a comment and tell us what keeps you "Marchin' On".
Since I made the decision in 2010 to quit my "real" job as a lawyer and chase the hint of a hope of a glimmer of a dream, the road has been nothing if not unpredictable. Such highs. Such lows. Stagnation in between. Frustration. Elation. Confusion. Confidence. Catastrophe. Despite it all, I'm still here dammit

The musings of a theatre manager on practical solutions for arts management over at Butts in the Seats, starts to delve into the realm or psychology with his latest post: Will Perform for Snacks
On the Marginal Revolution blog, Tyler Cowen has a short post about a psychology professor who requires his students take turns bringing a homemade snack in to each class. If they don’t bring in a snack, he doesn’t teach. It struck me that this might be a good approach for building/engaging community around an arts organization (with the punitive elements de-emphasized, of course).


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