Monday, November 14, 2011

Only 3 more chances to get THRILLED and get $5 off the ticket price

You only have one more week to see the South Florida premiere of THRILL ME and get $5 off the admission price when you use the promotional code BLOG at checkout from the Rising Action Theatre Website Box Office. . THRILL ME is the true story of Leopold and Loeb, the so-called thrill killers, who murdered a young boy in 1924 in order to try and commit the perfect crime. Critics have been raving about and (Dare I say it.) THRILLED (Yes, I went there!) with this production.
Michelle Solomon, wrote:  "The intimate space provides yet another layer of drama for Rising Action Theatre’s taut productionas. Bryan C. Ortega, as the arrogant and confident Richard Loeb, plays the character true to its writing as a Nietzsche-worshiping “superior being.”  Christopher Michaels, as Leopold, inhabits his character, giving a strong performance, both dramatically and vocally. This is the more demanding role of the two as the script calls for his character to frequently change moods. Thrill Me isn’t an easy undertaking, but the verdict is more than clear; Rising Action Theater’s production is must-see thrilling.

And Christine Dolen wrote: Thrill Me explores myriad facets of ugliness in what becomes a killer relationship.  (Bryan) Ortega and Christopher Michaels sing well, individually and together, as they bring their characters to creepy fruition. (Bryan) Ortega is particularly chilling as he sings Roadster, smiling and improvising as he entices the unseen Bobby into the car where death awaits.  The production values are simple yet moodily effective, the piano so much better than recorded music, and the small-scale musical just right for the space. 

Come by and see the show during this last week and say hello to the sound guy running the show, for he shall be me.


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