Friday, December 23, 2011

Rising Action Theatre closes to make way for a new company.

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Rising Action Falls; Island City Stage Planned To Take Its Place

By Bill Hirschman

Rising Action Theatre, one of South Florida’s few theaters devoted primarily to gay-themed plays, is closing mid-season; but some staffers plan to replace it next fall with a new company, Island City Stage, said Andy Rogow, artistic director for both ventures.

Island City Stage will continue to present shows focusing on LGBT issues, but expand the appeal to a wider audience through the plays selected, Rogow said Thursday.

“While we will maintain our gay mission, we want to be much broader – be the regional theater for people in Wilton Manors, Oakland Park and the beaches who don’t want to travel” as far west as Mosaic Theatre in Plantation, he said. One of several scenarios being considered is to offer gay-centric works as a second subscription.

Producer/director David Goldyn created the company in 2006 to nurture theater that promotes “diversity and tolerance.” Its seasons have steadily focused on comedies and dramas about homosexuality, were penned by a gay playwright or were of special interest to gay men and lesbians. Many productions have been locally produced and directed by Goldyn. Others were traveling shows booked into the theater.

Goldyn handed over the operational reins last summer to Rogow, a well-respected director and producer, and this fall announced he was moving to New York.

But there has always been a reputation to cope with. Rogow said this fall, “I think what we have to do is let the past go and let the community know that we’re operating differently. We’re going to be better organized; there will be more planning ahead rather than by the seat of our pants.”


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