Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Special Deal on "LAST CALL" tickets for SFTN Readers

LAST CALL is the World Premiere of Terri Girvin's one-woman show which takes place during one chaotic bar shift in the NYC bar where she works. Throughout the evening we'll watch her serving her many customers while the barrage of calls from her homeless mother prompt vivid flashbacks of her unconventional family.

A typical day in a bartender's life is full of snap judgments and snappy comebacks. On this day her two worlds collide when the needy and quirky customers in this New York bar fight for her attention as she deals with a barrage of desperate phone calls from her self-medicating, about-to-be-homeless mother. Terri is forced to choose between coming to her mother’s rescue – or her own.

Clink on the link to go to the Smart Tix Page for ordering tickets to the show.  Enter the code SFTN  for $5 dollars off ($25 - $5 = $20) of each ticket Purchased with a credit card from the site.  Want to pay in cash at the door?  No Problem!  Just mention the code SFTN when you call to make a reservation. Reservation line is 954-383-1896.

TERRI GIRVIN (Actress, Stand-Up Comic and World-Class Bartender) has enlisted Tony nominated director MICHAEL LEEDS, Grammy nominated sound designer PHIL PALLAZZOLO, and local sound designer DAVID HART to bring this wonderful evening of theatre to life.

Michael Leeds has enlisted some of the best actors in South Florida, recorded on location by David Hart, to supply the voices of the dozens of quirky customers in Terri's bar as well as the members of her family. And while there are no bottles or glasses, Phil Pallazzolo's amazing sound effects combine with this extraordinary actress's ability to make us see every drink she pours, every bill she rings up - and every customer she throws out!

As astounding as Girvin and her team may be in marrying the precision soundscape and her highly-polished performance, it’s not a trick on display for its own sake. It’s technology in direct service of Girvin’s artistic vision.

Last Call is one of those nice surprises for serial theatergoers who will find themselves suddenly charmed by an entertaining and intriguing piece of work.

Thurs, Fri & Sat @ 8pm
Sunday@ 7pm


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