Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical features book and lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni with music by Galt MacDermot.

It will open with much anticipation at ANDREWS LIVING ARTS STUDIO, 23 NW 5th St. downtown Ft. Lauderdale, on their new, outdoor stage, located in ALA’s private atrium directly behind their theatre. For this cast, Director Robert D. Nation has assembled some of South Florida’s finest talent. Vocal Director is Gisbert Heuer, Choreographer is Sally Rose, Stage Manager is Brian Jones; Technical Director is Jerrod Jones; Lighting Intern is Molly Block; Promotional Director is Kurt Liphardt; Marketing Manager is Darryl Long and Business Manager is Ryan Nation.

Hair tells the story of the "tribe", a group of politically active, long-haired hippies during the "Age of Aquarius" living a bohemian lifestyle in the City of New York; fighting against the Vietnam War and the traditional values of the “establishment.” Claude, (SEAN GOGAN) his good friend Berger, (ALVARO D’AMICO) their roommate Sheila (EMILY COHN) and their friends, Woof (JEAN-MICHEL ROUSSEAU) Hud (BRIAN SHIRLEY), Jeanie (REBECCA MONTGOMERY) Crissy (MARIA CABRERA) along with other “Tribe” members MARCELA DUARTE, JENNA GAVALETZ, ANTHONY JACKSON, RODERICK RANDLE, L’OREAL JOINER, THERESA DORVAL, and MICHAEL FONT struggle to balance their young lives, loves and the sexual revolution while rebelling against the war, their conservative parents and society. The “Establishment” includes CHRIS VILA, playing Margaret Meade, ROBERT KRALJEVICH, playing Dad and JOY YOUNG, playing Mom.

In the 1960’s, the youth of America, especially those on college campuses, started protesting all the things that they saw wrong with America: racism, environmental destruction, poverty, sexism and sexual repression, violence at home and the war in Vietnam; depersonalization from new technologies, and corruption in politics. Contrary to popular opinion, the hippies had great respect for America and believed that they were the true patriots, the only ones who genuinely wanted to save our country and make it the best it could be once again. Ultimately, Claude must decide whether to resist the draft as his friends have done, or to succumb to the pressures of his parents (and conservative America) to serve in Vietnam, compromising his pacifistic principles and risking his life.

A product of the hippie counter-culture and sexual revolution of the 1960s, HAIR has a score with songs that became anthems of the anti-Vietnam War peace movement. The musical's profanity, its depiction of the use of illegal drugs, its treatment of sexuality, its irreverence for the American flag, and its nude scene caused much controversy when it first opened on Broadway in 1968. But the musical was credited with breaking new ground in musical theatre by defining the genre of "rock musical", using a racially integrated cast, and inviting the audience onstage for a "Be-In" finale. The ALA production promises not to disappoint as it follows the show’s classic traditions and plays “under the stars” as originally intended when Joseph Papp produced the show in Central Park. The producers at ALA Studio invite the public to bring their “lawn chairs and cushions” for the “Be-In” at the Andrews Living Arts evening performances.

Time magazine wrote of the 2009 Broadway Revival, "Today Hair seems more daring than ever.” Dare to see how relevant HAIR continues to be! Previews are July 12 through 15; opening July 19 and playing Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 PM with Sunday matinees at 2 PM for a limited engagement. Tickets can be purchased through the website at and Brown Paper Tickets. Call 800


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