Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To anyone wondering about this blog...

South Florida Theatre News has been silent for quite some time now and some of you have been wondering why.  Let me just say first that SFTN has no plans of going away.  The more outlets the South Florida Theatre Community has to get information out to the public the better. 

As anyone who reads this blog and/or the "What I've been doing..." tab on the right hand side knows, I am also a sound designer and theatre tech in the community.  The amount of work that I have been getting over the past year has steadily been growing.  And with the 2012-2013 theatre season upon us, I am busier then I have ever been.  Just this past week I opened up two great shows (How I survived this is beyond me): "Sylvia" for the Boca Raton Theatre Guild and "The All American Genderf*ck Cabaret" for Thinking Cap Theatre.  Both are great shows and I encourage you to see them.  The "Cabaret" one I am running so say hi to the guy in the booth if you come by.

It is great doing what I love with so many talented theatre companies.  However, with my day job and family life, it leaves virtually no time left over to get posts ready for this blog.  For that I apologize.

I do not plan on going away and neither should you.  The going will be slow as I try to integrate posting back into my routine, but I do hope to get back on to a more consistent schedule in the foreseeable future.  I will also update the side tab more frequently to keep you up to date with all of my current projects.

Thank you for reading South Florida Theatre News.  And remember that you are our most valuable patron.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

David W. Hart


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