Monday, November 14, 2011

The South Florida Theatre News Is Here

Introducing the New and Improved South Florida Theatre News at  A blog site for and about the South Florida Theatre Community.  The following is a list of scheduled posts starting today.
  • Mondays: A list of current productions and posts for each new show opening that week. If a show begins on an odd day, say Tuesday, then it will be posted earlier to give you time to plan for it.
  • Wednesday or Thursday: A list, with links, of the new reviews that of been posted online.
  • Friday: Blog Watch - A list of what I feel are the most interesting or note worthy posts from the past week of blogs, both locally and nationally, that I follow. Among this will be a "This week in Theater" post.
  • In addition: I would like to ask any theatre with auditions coming up to e-mail them to me at For now I will post them as I get them. If they start coming in regularly, I will try and pick a day that they all will post. I would like this blog to become a place where theatre patrons and professionals can come to get information and in the future gather together online. 
Upgrades will  be coming in 2012 once things get up and running and the bumps get smoothed out. Forums, an interactive calendar and possibly a place to chat are a few of the things I would like put up here. The more activity and feedback I get, the better this place can become. Please post comments on any post you see and any feedback you would like to give can go to  If there are any problems experienced with the e-mail address just place a comment on one of the posts and I will see it.

Thank you!
David W. Hart
South Florida Theatre News


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