Saturday, February 18, 2012

Theatre Notes Blog Watch for the week of Feb. 13, 2012

In this week's Theatre BlogWatch we have a post about how to open up the conversation to have more engaging arts organizations, and how to develop long-term passion for theatre among adults with ticket discounts.

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The Butts In The Seats blog talks this week about how arts organizations need to be more engaging.  Their should be channels of communication between everyone: The artist, the organization (Theatre, Gallery, ETC), and the consumer.

Stuff To Ponder: What About Engaging Arts Organizations

The thing is, while arts people may be more able to make the shift in thinking, they may not think it is necessary unless the necessity of doing so is pointed out to them. There is a lot of effort being made on a national, regional and local level to communicate the benefits of the arts to the general public but there isn’t a complementary effort to let the arts community know what their role is.

There isn’t just a need to do a better job of communicating our message to our local community, we need to apply the same techniques to communicating among ourselves. Which may in turn increase the number of organizations effectively communicating with their local communities.

This blog post at UK TheatreBlog over at

Theatre Discount Deals For Life
For me and for many others, it's back to biting the bullet and paying out for full-price tickets, or (more likely) rooting around for cut-price deals.  I should emphasise that it's not as if these don't exist.  But if you work 9 to 5, and aren't under 26 or over 60, it's much harder to find affordable ways of seeing a show – even more so when it comes to commercial theatre.

While young people have access to youth ticket discounts (as they should) and retirees have the time to take advantage of mid-week matinee offers, it's the average Joes – average age, average salary, average working hours – who are missing out on the chance to develop what could be a long-term passion. The sad fact is that if you didn't have the means to acquire one earlier in life, you often have little opportunity to do so in adulthood, either.


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