Friday, January 6, 2012

Blog Watch for the week of Jan. 2, 2012

In this weeks list of posts we have a New Years Resolution, a look back at new works from a London perspective, and a question: Can and Should Theatres Be More Welcoming?

At Lois Backstage, she has the best resolution for 2012, "BE MORE AWESOME", and the perfect explanation on what it looks like and how to achieve it.
It looks like wide open space to go on new adventures.
It looks like making brand new mistakes.
It looks like me.

There are two noteworthy post from the Stage Theatre Blog over at The Guardian. The first one asks the question, Should theatres be more welcoming?
There's something exhilarating about being part of an audience which really is having a great time, and over the Christmas break I've been lucky enough to experience it on several occasions. But this wasn't just about seeing a great show – it was also the feeling that we were being looked after as an audience. When you go to the theatre, the show is the main event, but everything that surrounds it that can make or break the experience. 

The second post, Theatre that dares, wins: why 2011 was a good year for new writing, shows some interesting similarities between the theater scene in London and what we've experienced here in South Florida in 2011 in reference to new plays.
I'd argue that it's been a very respectable, if not downright good year for original scripts, with plenty of new dramas asking and nudging at important questions, sometimes in oblique or subtly disputable ways. I'm not sure there's reason to consign new writing to the grave quite yet.
Still, it's not as if everything is perfect in the land of new writing. There is reason to worry about the landscape these plays spring from, and that artistic directors will start scrimping on new work because times are tough.


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