Friday, February 24, 2012

Actor's Blog Watch for the week of Feb. 20, 2012

In this week's Actor's BlogWatch we are highlighting one blog inparticular: Backstage / Unscripted.  An actors blog produced by the website Backstage, an actors resource.

Sarah Wharton at Backstage / Unscripted talks about when you put more of yourself into something you get more out of it, especially acting class.

Why Acting School Is Important

One of the first things I learned in acting school was about creation, and what it means to create something with others.  I am realizing now how my journey through acting school was really all about that moment. Learning to trust my classmates.  Feeding on one another's creativity.  Knowing nothing except that we had a shared space and a collective imagination, and if allowed the time, we would create something wonderful.

Jacqueline Chambers, also from Backstage / Unscripted says, you shouldn't label someone as "Diva" or "Unreliable" or "Difficult" until you have experienced the other side of the problem.

Everyones A Critic of Our Profession
Artists. Hippies. Divas. Egomaniacs. Sensitive souls. Flakes. Seems that to much of the general public, we actors fall in to one of these categories. The more people I meet the funnier the perceptions of actors I encounter. But it makes me wonder, am I changing form constantly, igniting these clichés myself?

Lastly Brittany Baratz, Backstage / Unscriptedmentions one of the best practices to follow for success in the acting biz. 

Best Practices In The Acting Biz
There is no handbook on how to create a fulfilling, active career in the performing arts. That's because there is no one path to success in an artist's career. You could go to school, put in the hours, invest the money in head shots, go to auditions, and still see no tangible progress.

Lately I've been getting to know other working actors. Meeting over lunch, coffee, sending emails; what I want to know is how they got to where they are now, as busy professionals?

In business school, we called this "Best Practices." According to
Wikipedia, "A 'Best Practice' is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark."


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