Friday, February 24, 2012

Theatre Notes Blog Watch for the week of Feb. 20, 2012

In this weeks Theatre Blog Watch the 2amTheatre blog asks why theaters aren't more daring and the arts management blog Butss in the Seats talks about the how brainstorming contributes to success.

Julie Felise Dubiner at 2amTheatre talks about a series of questions and thoughts about some real issues we and theater journalists could ponder as to why theaters aren’t more daring.

Ttruths And Dares

Most of the regional theaters I’ve worked at or freelanced for create their budgets by projecting tickets sales. This creates a need for artistic programming that will sell – or that the artistic director and the board thinks will sell. What if we could change the model? Budget a coming season with box office numbers from the previous year? Would this give us the ability to be both practical and daring?

The Butts In The Seats blog this week talks about brainstorming sessions amongst a design team and how it can contribute to the success of a show.

Info You Can Use: Point Some Strong LIght At Your Brainstorm
So the lesson for arts organizations might be to keep turn over down so you maintain a good team of artistic/administrative collaborators but introduce people/concepts that take everyone out of their comfort zone a little bit. This applies to boards as much as administrative staff and artistic teams.

Adding an unknown factor to spice things up isn’t a new concept and obviously not the only ingredient for success, but still good to have a little evidence to support the practice.


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