Thursday, February 9, 2012

Show reviews for the week of Feb. 6

New Theatre presnts Winter by Robert Caisley.
Directed by Ricky J Martinez and featuring Scott Douglas Wilson, Annemaria Rajala, Barbara Sloan, and Nicole QuintanaBill Hirschman reviewed the show for Florida Theater On Stage

New Theatre's Chilly Winter Is A Drama For All Seasons

Robert Caisley’s script could use some pruning and actors Scott Douglas Wilson and Annemaria Rajala could use a bit more stage time to get comfortable with the punishing cascade of dialogue. But neither flaw cripples the three from creating an ultimately harrowing evening of drama under the direction of Ricky J. Martinez as we watch the already fractured family melt down completely.

Winter was also reviewed by Christine Dolan for The Miami Herald

'Winter' Premiere Blows Into New Theatre
Robert Caisley is a playwright whose two New Theatre-produced works suggest he likes experimenting with form.

In 2009’s Kissing, the playwright took a Groundhog Day approach to the possibility of romance between unavailable coworkers. In the just-opened world premiere of Winter, Caisley flips from monologues (some delivered by an already-deceased character) to multi-character scenes to tell the story of colossally self-absorbed fraternal twins.

Broward Stage Door Theatre presents the Neil Simon play Last of the Red Hot Lovers.
Directed by Michael Leeds and featuring Ken Clement, Elissa D. Solomon, Shira Abergel and Carol SussmanChristine Dolan, reviewed the show for The Miami Herald

"Red Hot Lovers" Sizzles At Stage Door
Neil Simon’s The Last of the Red Hot Lovers is a vintage comedy: It debuted on Broadway in 1969 and was made into a movie four decades ago. But as the Stage Door Theatre’s new production demonstrates, with the right actors, the play about a man in midlife-crisis mode still has plenty of satirical sting. Credit director Michael Leeds and actors Ken Clement, Elissa D. Solomon, Shira Abergel and Carol Sussman with exploring a whole spectrum of emotional colors in what can otherwise be just one more Simon laughathon.


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