Saturday, February 4, 2012

Theatre Notes Blog Watch for the week of Jan. 30, 2012

In this weeks Theatre Notes Blog Watch we run down the benefits of arts education and ask the quiestion who is more important to talk about in advertising for an event?

Butts In The Seats wants us to know that when we talk about the benefits of arts in education, lets make sure we dont forget about leadership and teamwork.

It occurred to me that when I have read about the benefits of the arts recently, leadership and teamwork didn’t seem to figure largely in the lists.  I did a quick and, by no means exhaustive, survey of articles listing the benefits of arts education and found that my suspicion was generally true.  Many talked about the cultivation of very desirable traits like intellectual and emotional development, flexibility of worldview, judgement, problem solving, expressiveness and ability to anticipate consequences.

Also this week, Butts In The Seats posed an interesting quesion when deciding how to promote something: Who Is More Important, The Event Or The Organization?
I had a small disagreement about marketing with one of the people partnering on a show with us that raised the question about what is more important, the artist or the organization. My feeling was that the show was what would attract the audience. If we credited the three of us, the presenters, it would look cluttered and the pertinent information would be lost. If we reduced the font size to the point the ad didn’t look cluttered, it would be too small to be of value and not worth including.


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