Friday, March 9, 2012

Theatre Notes Blog Watch for the week of March 5, 2012

Today's Theatre Notes Blog Watch is from the UK TheatreBlog over at about letting audience members choose who they sit with.
Come sit with me: should theatres let you choose your seatmates?

An airline is road-testing a seat-selection system that allows passengers to pick their neighbours using social networking profiles. Could such a scheme work in the theatre?

"Hell is other people." It's hardly a coincidence that Jean-Paul Sartre's famous line originated in a play. If you end up sitting next to an unrepentant young texter or an elderly patron with a leisurely approach to the unwrapping of hard candies, two hours of any theatrical performance can certainly end up feeling like an eternity with no exit in sight.

At such moments, you may well wish for a day when it is possible to vet seatmates in advance.  Well, such a utopia may be close on the horizon, if theatre companies take a cue from a new seat-selection system that a Dutch airline is currently road-testing.


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