Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never Say You Suck

Mercedes Rose on February 28 blogged about never saying you're sorry while on auditions at Unscripted: A Blog for Actors.   She now takes it one step further and lets us know something else never to say infront of others...

Never Say You Suck

The last few auditions I have been involved with (both as an actor and as a producer) have had one thing in common: a lot of negative self-talk from the actors.Very LOUD negative self-talk.

An actor gets done with their audition and immediately announces to the room at large: "I can do better". Out loud. They say it OUT LOUD!

An actor walks through the waiting room and announces to all us nervous actors waiting for our turn: "You guys better do better than I just did!"

An actor runs into a friend in the parking lot at casting and says: "I suck".

Maybe actors feel the need to be self-deprecating because we want to appear humble. Or we want affirmations that we didn't "suck that bad". Or maybe it is just a bad habit...kind of like farting in public.Whatever the reason, break that habit!


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